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Cleaning Out The Shed Pt 2

These were taken in the summer of 1994/1995, my last summer in New Zealand before moving to Australia.

The Greatest Grunge Band That Never Was Album Cover Photoshoot, Houhora, New Zealand Xmas/New Year 1994/95) (Rhys Burns, Paul Haines, Barry Andrews)

The Road Trip Pie Stop, Northland, New Zealand, 1995. (Neil Cox, Paul Haines, Rhys Burns, Shane Norris)

The writing on the rear windshield was very important to us at the time. We pitied those following us on the roads, their children wondering what was written on the car in front.
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Cleaning Out The Shed Pt 1

As one does, and I found a pile of old photographs from my NZ days. Days that my wife likes to keep in the shed.

The 4th-Year Pharmacy Ball, Otago University, Dunedin, 1992.

(In order of appearance: Paul Haines and Anthony Baxter ; Andi Barrett and Paul Haines ; Haines, Baxter and John 'Crash' Quinn)