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A Love of Mad Magazine, A Love Of Daughters, A Love Of Fathers

Isla, now hooked by cartoons and comics, has recently found my unearthed Mad Magazine collection. Like all kids, the cartoons she loves most are: Spy Vs Spy, Don Martin, The Fold-In plus the Sergio Aragones Margins.

So yesterday I pulled out the Australian #244 1983 issue to show her something really cool:

I then flicked to the letters page:

"What does that name spell?" I ask proudly.
"Paul Haines." Isla looks up, puzzled and smiling.
"Yes, that's me! When I was a boy I wrote a letter to Mad Magazine and they published it. Isn't that cool?"
"Yes, Daddy. Can you please leave me alone now? I'm busy playing with my Littlest Pet Shops."

And today she turned five years old. I've lost my little girl and am saying Happy Birthday to my big girl.
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Robin Hood Portraits

Isla drew these from memory of her favourite Disney film Robin Hood.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood and Prince John (green tick for goodie, red cross for baddie)

Prince John and Hiss

The Sheriff Of Nottingham (with sword in hand and key to the gaol)

Isla will turn 5 in about 3 weeks time. I don't think Jules and I were this capable until 6 or 7. Jules, being an artist herself, is living vicariously and dangerously so at the moment.
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The Gossip At Kinda

Isla was telling Jules about the things she and her friends are talking about at Kinda.

Isla: Carly wants to marry Luka.
Jules: Really? Who do you want to marry?
Isla: I don't know.
Jules: That's ok. I didn't know when I was 5. I met Daddy when I was 20 and knew that I wanted to marry him.
Isla: That's so good because I always wanted a daddy like him.
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A Comic Strip A Day - Day 8 - Smart Boy

This is the last of the comic strips Isla has drawn. (Thank God,  I can hear all you non-relatives of mine saying). This had 12 panels to fill in instead of the usual 9, which excited Isla as she could tell a longer story, though mostly the plots became thinner and thinner as she wanted to get down all the ideas she had for her comic strips as time went on.

Isla has also taken great pleasure out of the comments left by people. She has asked me to check them every day. Her favourite two comments are:
1) Ben Payne reading all the way to the end before realising it was Isla, and
2) Thoraiya Dyer's mention of hiring Isla for the illustrating of the former Vet magazine she produced.

I guess she has her father's ego...
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