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Six Years

Married 6 years on 6 April, 2008. Photos to prove we were there, just before driving down to Portsea for Mel and Tim's wedding.

My wife is beautiful. I look as good as I'll get during this time.


I want at least another 40 years...

Jules's 33rd Birthday

 On Monday 25th of Feb, the women in my life (my wife, my daughter and my sister) and I went down to Docklands to celebrate Jules's birthday. We chose the Mecca Bah, a Middle Eastern restaurant perched over the water, mainly due to it being open and actually serving at that down time of the afternoon after lunch has finished and dinner is yet to be contemplated.

We were expecting it to be standard fare and over-priced due to the great location. Our expectations were not met. They were exceeded.

The place was great and the food fantastic. Freshly made hummous and turkish bread, lamb boureks, sweet potato falafels, middle-eastern cheese balls, fresh mussels in chilli and tomato broth, vine wrapped swordfish, and a sardine Turkish pizza, all washed down with a bottle of Pobblebonk white and cold water.

Me, Jules and Isla (with BIG smile)                   Niki (my sis) and Jules, doing their best to look natural and gorgeous

Isla indulging...                                  The Pobblebonk quaffed...             Cheers!

 You'd better eat some of this, Daddy. It's good for your blood.

The best thing about the day (besides being in the company of those I love) was that I could actually taste the food and wine. Oh joy to be the simple pleasures in life!

And we ate just enough to laze away the rest of the afternoon and not need to eat (or cook!) dinner that evening.

One of the highlights for my year, where there are very few highlights to be had between treatments...